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ECHO Early Warning System - Second Tabletop Exercise

The ECHO Early Warning System is reaching its first milestone, with twelve organizations already federated within the initial Network! Today, a complex training exercise will test both the technical system and the interactions among the teams, with 70 active participants. We defined a complete kill chain of cyber-attacks based on recent Covid-19 phishing campaigns, malware, and ransomware and we will monitor how the teams will react and share information within the Network. As a result of the exercise, ECHO will publish a white paper collecting feedbacks, results, and future steps.

ECHO's First Year General Assembly

This morning, the ECHO consortium gathered together from their homes for our 1st year General Assembly, replacing the original Rome face-to-face event. The meeting was opened by special guest, our Project Officer, Monica Lanzenberger from EC, followed by keynotes of Wim Mees Project Coordinator, and Matteo Merialdo PIM of ECHO.
82 team members are present at the assembly, representing all 30 partners of ECHO.

COVID-19 Cyber Defense Alliance Announced

As Covid-19 is spreading continuously across the globe, we must remain quarantined in our homes. Home office and home-studying offer great opportunities for cyber-criminals. The ECHO network of cybersecurity centers has joined forces to establish its COVID-19 Cyber Defence Alliance in order to support all initiatives that aim at protecting the EU member states, key services critical infrastructure, and users from cyberattacks.

Data Protection Day 2020 Initiatives

It is a key role of ESI CEE as part of the ECHO Consortium, as well as a mission of ours, to support the cybersecurity ecosystem with practical advice and tools to support risk mitigation. This is why, as part of the activities dedicated to the Data Protection Day 2020 on 28 January, we are excited to share that to mark the occasion, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) launched an online platform to assist in the security of personal data processing. 



More than 90 international researchers in the field of cybersecurity and resilience joined us for the First International Scientific Conference "Digital Transformation, Cyber Security and Resilience" (DIGILIENCE 2019) from 2 to 4 October 2019!