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SHack the Social Hackathon of the European Youth Award

European Youth Award (EYA), whose partner is ESI CEE, organizes Social Hackathon (SHack) from June 26 to 30, 2019, in the Youth Capital of Europe Novi Sad, Serbia. Together, participants will plan, design and create prototypes of smart digital solutions for societal challenges …  in just 48 hours.


The Balkan SHack offers the full-service combination of business coaching, technical support, financial know-how, gamification & user-centred design with an international community of successful social entrepreneurs.


A Plunge into Serverless with AWS Lambda and Node.js by ESI CEE

Yavor Papazov delivered a talk "A Plunge into Serverless with AWS Lambda and Node.js" at the  Annual SEI Architecture Technology User Network Conference SATURN conference yesterday, May 7th in Pitsburgh, USA.


He led a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of the Serverless paradigm, identify where to apply it, and identify where to pass. The talk covered how to develop a very simple Serverless application using AWS Lambda and how to integrate and expand applications with the rest of the AWS platform.


ESI CEE at the Enterprise Agility Europe Conference

Ivaylo Gueroguiev was invited to share his experience as an agile coach at the Enterprise Agility Europe conference that will take part on June 10-11, 2019 in Bilbao. He will present the topic "Dealing with dependencies and achieving smooth flow in 6 months" a success story of evolutionary change – the transition of a software development team in SmartIT company towards Agile and Kanban practices. 


More information about the conference is available at:

Apply now for the European Youth Award (EYA)

European Youth Award (EYA) is a movement of young innovators who never stop learning, questioning and improving the world we live in. EYA organizes several activities and events throughout the year: its flagship initiatives, the EYA contest and the Festival (Winners Event), coding events (e.g. SHacks (Social Hackathons), Game Jams), the Youth for Innovation programs, mentorship programs and more. 


"European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations (ECHO) project launch

ESI CEE is part of ECHO project. ECHO will prepare the ground for the Cybersecurity Competence Network in EU. It is one of four Pilot projects, launched by the European Commission, to establish and operate a Cybersecurity Competence Network.  Amid keynote presentations from supporting representatives of EU agencies and industry, the project was officially launched at the Conference Hall of the Royal Military Academy of Belgium, on February 25th, 2019

Cybersecurity courses - November / December 2018

Cyber-Resilience Lab of the European Software Institute – Center Eastern Europe is announcing six security courses in November and December 2018 in Sofia. Dates are as follows:

ESI CEE with the Be@CyberPro Project!

The Be@CyberPro Project aims to foster cybersecurity as a career choice among high school students. To do this, the project consortium will develop and pilot a dedicated learning platform, containing sets of learning materials and inspirational content (videogame and videos) in English, Spanish, Hungarian and Bulgarian. Separate sets of materials will be developed for students, teachers (and schools) and parents.

Securing Innovation: Cybersecurity Tips for Startups

Headline after headline, we are made aware with the consequences of neglecting cybersecurity vulnerabilities, both personally and professionally. Right now, most experts agree 100% secure systems are almost impossible to build and yet the impact of cybersecurity breaches is greater than ever. However, building and scaling a startup presents both unique difficulties in security, as well as the opportunity to excel early on and use security as a competitive advantage.