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Countering Disinformation Environment in Bulgaria - The CoDE Project

In a move to bolster the capacity against disinformation, Sofia University, in collaboration with representatives from Bulgarian academia and technology companies, has launched the Countering Disinformation Environment in Bulgaria (CoDE) project. This initiative aims to unify and enhance efforts to counteract disinformation across the nation.


World Summit Awards Shortlists Innovative Bulgarian Projects for 2023!

In an era where challenges are as global as solutions, the focus on positive societal impact, ethical entrepreneurship, and global collaboration is more crucial than ever. The World Summit Awards (WSA), a unique platform promoting digital innovation for societal betterment, has just unveiled its 2023 shortlist of candidates. This list aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, showcasing 136 projects from 60 countries, each contributing significantly to social advancement. Among these, Bulgaria has made a remarkable entry with three innovative projects.


Only a few days left until the deadline for applying for the John Atanasoff Award!

This year's edition of the John Atanasoff Award, an initiative of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria, has been launched on June 10, 2021.


The annual competition is named after the world-famous inventor of Bulgarian origin John Atanasoff - the creator of the first electronic digital computer with regenerative memory.


The John Atanasov Award is presented to young Bulgarian scientists and researchers in the field of computer science for their outstanding achievements on a global scale.


World Summit Award - the Podcast

The power lies in the community!

In this new WSA Podcast, the WSA community is sharing their insights and experience, their stories, and their passion. Bringing together the best social entrepreneurs, changemakers, and international experts from all across - hacking the gap! View the podcast episodes and listen here.

WSA National Contest Bulgaria is Looking for Digital Innovators

The World Summit Awards (WSA) are a unique awards system, selecting and promoting local digital innovation with a high impact on improving society and the WSA National Contest Bulgaria is Looking for Digital Innovators. Propose applications, websites, or other exciting digital content filling our registration form until May 31, 2020, show off the unique value of your product and put it on a global stage at the WSA Global Congress 2021!
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