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Personal and Team Software Processes (PSP/TSP)

Using the Team Software Process (TSP), along with the Personal Software Process (PSP), an organization can build self-directed teams that plan and track their work, establish goals, and own their processes and plans. Team Software Process (TSP) guides engineering teams that are developing software-intensive products. Using TSP helps organizations establish a mature and disciplined engineering practice that produces secure, reliable software in less time and at lower costs. TSP/PSP is a model  developed by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, USA

TSP Executive Strategy Training

One-day introductory course for software executives and middle managers that covers the key concepts and principles of the Team Software Process (TSP) and Personal Software Process (PSP) from a management perspective. The purpose of the course is to provide the foundation that managers need to begin to introduce and apply the TSP in their organization. 

Leading a Development Team Training

A three-day course designed to teach first-line managers or team leaders how to manage projects quantitatively in order to complete projects on schedule, within budget, and with all requirements met. The course covers the knowledge and skills leaders need to lead and coach development teams effectively. 

Personal Software Process (PSP) Fundamentals Training 

This five-day course teaches software engineers the principles, concepts, and benefits of the PSP, a process-based approach for developing software. Ideal for software engineers, software engineering students, software engineering instructors, software quality management instructors, and third-party vendors of software engineering or quality training. 

To receive more information about the course and/or register interest in participation, please register your interest or contact ESI Center Eastern Europe.