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Wholehearted: OKR Bringing Objectives Key Results to Life With Agendashift


The Workshop

Wholehearted Logo   OKR  demonstrates how to create opportunities for:


  1. Authentic ENGAGEMENT on issues that matter

  2. Meaningful PARTICIPATION across strategy, development, and delivery

  3. Anticipating and meeting NEEDS

  4. LEADERSHIP around MEASURABLE OUTCOMES (each inviting the other)

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is – to use the Wikipedia definition – a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. Done well (wholeheartedly), it’s a great model for participatory strategy deployment. Done badly... well let’s just say that you don’t want to do it badly! OKR joins Lean and Agile as one of those things for which the way you introduce it matters at least as much as the thing itself, placing it very much within Agendashift territory.

    We know that the best outcomes aren’t just metrics or targets, but the happy endings to stories in which real needs are met. How they might be evidenced remains an important question, but a different one. With that clear separation in mind, Agendashift and OKR seem made for each other:

    • Agendashift: an engagement model that is strategic in outlook and steadfastly needs-based and outcome-oriented in both approach and technique
    • OKR: an operating model for strategy deployment that emphasises alignment on outcomes and transparency around progress towards them

    With this powerful combination, you’ll not only avoid the potential pitfalls and dysfunctions of OKR but come away with fresh perspectives on participation, leadership, and organisation design. You’ll experience some exciting new tools for strategy and operation.


    The Agenda

    Wholehearted: OKR 2-day Agenda



    Ivaylo GueorguievAgendashift Partner will deliver the training. Ivaylo is a process improvement professional, Agile coach, and trainer with 15 years of experience in working with international software development companies, Fintechs, and banks on getting better projects, products, and business results through effective processes and Agile practices.