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1 Feb 18 , CyResLab of ESI CEE
Cybersecurity courses - February / March 2018
CyResLab @ ESI CEE is announcing four security courses in February and March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dates are as follows:

12 February 2018, Introduction to Practical Cryptogr...   read
1 Feb 18 , European Youth Award
Apply NOW for the European Youth Award!
You are working on a digital project with social impact and a powerful idea behind it?

Then great news! Registration for   read
1 Oct 17 , CyResLab of ESI CEE
Security courses with the CyResLab - November 2017

CyResLab @ ESI CEE is announcing seven security courses in November and December 2017. Dates are as follows:

03 November 2017,  read

31 May 17 , ESI CEE & CyResLab
Introduction to practical cryptography for IT specialists (30 June)
As a software developer, system administrator, DevOps engineer or quality assurance specialist, you are responsible for the security, trustworthiness and safety of the software you create. This makes cryptography knowledge, at least at a basic level, an essential implement for protecting information...   read
31 May 17 , ESI CEE & CyResLab
Top 10 Web Threats (3 July)
When: 3 July 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

Various sources identify that between 20% and 60% of websites have each at least one serious vulnerability. Our own research at ESI CEE’s Cyber Resilience Lab (CyResLab) confirms that the danger is significant. A serious issue is...   read
31 May 17 , ESI CEE & CyResLab
Advanced Web Threats (6-7 July)
The course intends to pick up where "Top 10 Web Threats" left off – namely to deepen the understanding of the top vulnerabilities and to broaden the scope of vulnerabilities that are discussed.

When: 6-7 July 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

This two-day course in...   read
2 Feb 17 , ESI CEE & Berriprocess
LKU Certified Kanban System Design Training, 27-28 March 2017
When: 27-28 March, 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

This two-day course will introduce you to the Kanban system and the Kanban method and will help you to acquire basic skills on designing a Kanban system and using it for managing efficiently software development projects a...   read
1 Feb 17 , ESI CEE & Berriprocess
LKU Certified Kanban Management Professional Training, 29-30 March 2017
When: 29-30 March, 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

So you want to be a Kanban pro? This two-day course is perfect for managers and team members who are interested in scaling the usage of Kanban across their organization with the objective to reach sustainable service and pr...   read
1 Feb 17 , ESI CEE & Berriprocess
Project Management with Kanban, 31 March 2017
When: 31 March 2017
Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

Building and sustaining a competitive organization requires focusing on creating value for customers, developing the ability to quickly understand and respond to changing demand, and deliver products and se...   read
18 Nov 16 , CyResLab of ESI CEE
Top 10 Web Threats - 12 December 2016
SQL Injection, XSS, CSRF, HTML injection, Authentication?
Practical examples, Labs, Hands-on approach!
Your favorite Top 10 Web Threats with a new and improved agenda!

Top 10 Web Threats

When: 12 December 2016
<...   read

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