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Projects  » 2 Jan 2016, ESI CEE

Educational Robotics for STEM

ER4STEM project logo.png Within the period between the months of February and July 2016 ESI CEE will organize free educational robotics workshops in more than ten general education schools in Bulgaria. The workshops are tailored for students in the age group of 7-17 with no prior knowledge in robotics.

Within the workshops students will be able to learn the basic concepts of robotics like human-machine interaction, sensors, actuators, autonomous life of robots, AI, programming, science etc. In addition, the school students will work in small groups on different projects developed by themselves and thus will gain valuable skills like team work, problem definition and solving, creative and strategic thinking etc. While assembling the robots children are “learning by doing” - they learn by discovering, experimenting and having fun. The workshop also includes a creativity seminar based on the mind-mapping concept of Tony Buzan, which aims to encourage the children to discover additional practical applications of robotics in various fields of science and in everyday life.

The workshops are in support of the general education and are organized within the project ER4SREM “Educational robotics for science, technology, engineering and mathematics”, funded by Horizon 2020 program for research and innovation.

We believe that children are naturally curios about the scientific disciplines, technology, engineering and mathematics due to their general interest about the world – the way the world functions, the way that the different elements connect and interrelate. When this interest is not stimulated or encouraged on their road to maturity or during the course of education, it often disappears. From subject of natural excitement about the world, science becomes a boring and an abstract subject with an unclear practical application or purpose.

ER4SREM aims to encourage this curiosity of the children, showing them one really exciting hands-on application of science – robotics. We think that inspiration with the scientific disciplines, especially in younger children, could be encouraged very successfully with a project-oriented approach, which aims to teach theoretical concepts form science, technology, engineering and mathematics through their practical application.

For more information about the project please visit the website of the project, the esIrobot website or contact ESI CEE at +359 2 489 9740.

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