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Projects  » 1 May 2017, ESI CEE

CryptoBG*2017 International Summer School with Symposium

	CryptoBG2017.pngFrom Cryptology to Cyber Resilient Industry
9 -16 July 2017 (Sunday-Sunday), “National Institute of Education”, Oriahovitza, Bulgaria

For more information about CryptoBG*2017, please visit the website of the summer school.
To prepare the researchers and IT practitioners for the digital security and resilience of our business and e-life TOMORROW, we must design and develop on what will be AFTER TOMORROW.

One intensive week of theory, practice and discussions: 4-hour lectures and tutorials by international experts extended with practical workshops, labs and seminars, simulations, round-table discussions and working groups on hot topics.

Topics of the year – the specific focus areas for CryptoBG*2017 will be:
Cryptographic uses in commercial software
IoT – crypto and security forsmart devices – Internet of Things, Industrial Internet standardization, smart robots, homes, clothes and gadgets
• Security for Industrial SystemsICS/SCADA systems and Cyber Defense

• Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Symmetric Key, Lattice-Based Cryptography
• Homomorphic Encryption
• Personal Secure Devices, Mobile Security
• Functional Encryption – Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) and Attribute-Based Encryption (ABE)
• Curve-Based Cryptography and Pairing-Based Cryptography
• Secure Communications

• Secure Architectures, “Security by Design” Aspects
• Security in the Cloud
• Web Crypto – JWT, OAuth, OAuth Connect, TLS/SSL
• Client-Side Web Cryptography and SJCL
• Lower-level cryptographic software primitives – OpenSSL, Libsodium, etc.
• Side-Channel Resistance

Especially for the Industry and Sponsors: Challenge the CryptoBG*2017 team – define a problem/challenge, bring it on day 1 and get a solution in a week!

And your favorite CTF*BG round (Capture The Flag) by CyResLab (of ESI CEE) RED <>BLUE teams in 3 sessions:

• CTF “warm up” & challenges explained
• Active security – MITM demos, Аpplication security, and exploitation, Secure Coding digest, Lower-level cryptographic software primitives
• CTF*BG Ultimate

Registration is still open! Visit the website of the summer school for information on how to apply!

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