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ESI Center Eastern Europe is the Regional Software Engineering Excellence Center of the European Software Institute.

We implement leading strategic management and software engineering methodologies (CMM®I, BITS, SPICE, PEPIT, SPI, REUSE) to increase industry maturity in Eastern Europe.

We are your strategic partner for awareness, analysis, planning, training, implementation, certification



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Regional parthners

European Software Institute (ESI) Center Bulgaria was established in December 2003 as an initiative of ESI (Spain), BASSCOM (Bulgarian Association of Software Companies), with the support of the Ministry of Transport and Communications, UNDP (Bulgaria) and USAID (Bulgaria). At the end of April 2006, ESI (Spain) honored ESI Center Bulgaria with a unique award – for its contribution to developing best practices in Public Private Partnership in the IT sector and its achievements in regional cooperation. In July 2007 ESI Center Bulgaria was officially authorized to operate under the name ESI CENTER EASTERN EUROPE.

ESI Center Eastern Europe implements large-scale projects at national and regional level in more than 12 countries in strategic partnership with national USAID programs, EBRD (BAS/TAM), World Bank, UNDP, GTZ, and other public and private funds. At the regional level ESI Center works in multi-country projects for USAID-RCI (Regional competitiveness Initiative) and GTZ-ORF (Open Regional Fund for Foreign Trade Promotion in South-East Europe)

Signing of agreement to establish ESI Center Bulgaria. From left to right: Mr. George Sharkov, Chairman BASSCOM, Mr. Manu Prego, Director ESI, and Mr. Orlin Kuzov, President ICTDA. October, 2002, ESI, Technology Park Zamudio, Bilbao.

ESI Center Bulgaria Activities:

  • Complete cycle of services in Software Process Improvement:
    Consulting, training and appraisals
    in implementing methodologies for process maturity - CMM®I, strategic management – BITS™, efficient software development - REUSE ™, software process assessment – SPICE.
  • Assistance and monitoring in national and regional scale IT projects implementation to promote efficiency in solutions for e-government, e-justice, e-commerce and industry competitiveness.
  • Development of long-term projects in key technological areas: in order to promote capacity building, standards of excellence in R&D and use of IT.
  • Strengthening relations among academic research, education and software industry for joint participation in R&D projects, and provision of practical experience for young software specialists.
  • Raising IT awareness for all members of society by managing projects to enhance and test IT skills and develop e-readiness among society and business.


ESI Centers Global Alliance

ESI Center Bulgaria as founder of ESI Centers Global Alliance is part of a global pool for knowledge and experience. We share common methodologies and tools for software process improvement. Initiator of ESI Centers Global Aliance is the European Software Institute ESI Centers Global Alliance Members are:

ESICenter TEC de Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico
ESICenter UNISINOS, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
ESICenter Australia, Melbourne, Australia
ESICenter SSEAC, Shanghai, China

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